Stories (Oral Histories, Biographies, etc.)

The Seal Beach Historical Resources Foundation collects the historical experiences, memories, and perspectives of prominent community members and longtime residents. These help us to understand the history, culture, activities and stories of life in the Seal Beach community over the years.

Many of the Oral Histories were an early project of the Seal Beach Historical Society. We have recovered many of them thanks to Libby Appelgate who conducted many of the interviews and provided us with her copies of these documents.

First person stories are articlres written by long-time Seal Beach residents for the 75th anniversary, for the centennial, or just for newspaper articles.

Oral Histories, and First Person recollections.

Virginia Haley – Memories of SB’s longest-living resident, who is still going strong at 104.

Joan Stegman – memories of vacationing and playing around Anaheim Bay in the 1930s and early 1940s and the beginnings of the Seal Beach Historical Society

Stewart and Douglas Lawhead –

Norma Pranter – Tent City and Early Seal Beach Politics

Lloyd Murray – early surfer, and first Chief of Lifeguard department

Florence Tyler – Life on Hellman Ranch

Larry Howard – Growing Up in Seal Bech in the 1930s and 1940s

Earl Shea – lifeguarding in the 1930s on Anaheim Bay

Marge Ordway

Willard Hanzlik – fighting the gambling czar in the 1950s

Paul Calvo – city council memories of getting the gamblers out in the 1950s


Virginia Haley

Joyce Ekbert

The Lawhead Brothers

Seal Beach Police Department

Marx Dressler – longtime Principal and SB Superintendent of Schools


Life and Times in Seal Beach 
  • Virginia Haley


  • The Lawhead Brothers
  • The Seal Beach Police Department
  • Rich Harbour and Kurt Augsberger
  • Centennial Programs
  • 100 Year Highlight Reel
  • Libby Appelgate/Joyce Rutledge
  • Mike Varipapa/Paul Chafe
  • Libby Appelgate/Patty Campbell
  • Mike Varipapa/Tom Blackman
  • Libby Appelgate/Gordon Shanks
  • Seal Beach Is a Town of “Firsts” (Larry Strawther)
  • Marina Palace – (Larry Strawther)
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